A little as to why I started My Plant Pictures.

I am not a professional photographer, I just love plants and wanted to share some of the pictures I take of our green friends with others.

My love for houseplants probably started when I was very little and my elderly neighbor lady had a house full of them. Her screened in porch had every inch covered in plants (except for 2 chairs). If you walked in her house she had family photos, trinkets and plants. She basically had a wall to wall ceiling to floor jungle. In fact she gave me my very 1st plant for my very own room. It was a jade plant in a ceramic calico kitten pot. Little would she ever know that over 40 years later, I still remember how excited I was to have my 1st houseplant.

cactus huggerBoth of my Grandmas had green thumbs. One Grandma had a small garden outside and typical houseplants like Pothos, Dracaenas and Ivy’s inside. My other Grandma had a HUGE garden and inside she only had a lemon tree, orange tree and a fig on the porch. Both lived in an age where growing food was of utmost importance and house plants were not so important.

My Dad was always digging a hole to put a plant in. Our front yard was the size of a football field and each year it got wider as Dad would plant another tree or two and we would just start mowing around them until they just blended into the yard. He and I even hand planted a small Christmas Tree farm down by our pond. My job was to “dance” around the trees to pack the dirt after he placed them. Out back of our house, we had a small orchard next to the garden area. The only houseplants we had inside were safely tucked in my bedroom because my mother could kill a silk plant and I didn’t want her near my real plants.

None of these people ever used soil testers, fancy soil mix or chemical fertilizers. They all just looked at a plant, knew what it needed to be healthy and made the adjustments.

Since that 1st jade plant, I have been in love with having green all around me. Many places that I have lived have been home to houseplants (and not just a few). I even had a small greenhouse when we lived in the Northwest. From what I heard, the police went in our backyard one day to check it out. Wonder if they were surprised to see all of those houseplant and flower starts? 🙂

Once we moved to the desert, I haven’t had but 1 orchid in my house. Now I have mostly cactus and succulents that live outside. I’m not even sure how many species I have. Heck, I don’t even know what a lot of them are. I get starts from neighbors and many of my plants come from the 99 cent store or the discount bargain (almost dead) bin at other stores. Many of the store cacti are not labeled and even if they are, they are often wrong. So, if you see that I have mis labeled a plant, just let me know as I am always willing to learn.

I find my favorite part of growing plants is starting them and watching them grow. I like getting them when they are very small, almost dead, or starting them from a seed or cutting. If I had room, every seed or cutting would be placed in dirt.

So there ya have it. I am not a tree hugger, I just love plants.

Sheryl Loch

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