Sep 232012

These pictures are from a Echinocereus Nicholii Cactus plant I adopted from the neighbor when she moved. She had adopted this cactus from an empty lot. When I move, I hope someone adopts it because the chances of me moving it are slim. It sits in a large pot filled with the worst “dirt” ever. I would bet that dirt has been in the pot forever because; I am not sure how safe it would be to repot. The cactus would live, even if the person handling it bled to death. LOL!

This cactus has awesome bright pink blooms that the bees absolutely love. In fact the bees are about the only thing that will get near this plant. The spines are large, sharp and very strong.

bright pink flower with bee

The flowers are so deep that when you look into them, you may not even see the bee as they are moving around gathering their pollen. The bee then emerges and is completely covered. I’m sure his nest mates are happy to see him fly in with such a large haul.

bee crawling out of pink cactus flower

The only thing I did to these pictures is to crop them. You can see the bee covered and all the pollen that is being dropped on the bright pink petals.

Bee happy!

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