Oct 272012

This patch of Black Eyed Susan’s had probably been a mass of color all year and was calling it quits as Fall started setting in. I took these pictures in Washington State where Fall really does mean the changing of leaves. The cool weather signals the plants to call it a year and take a break. In the case of this Black Eyed Susan, Fall means their life is over. Even if these were the good old biennial plants, flowering comes in the 2nd year.

Don’t be too sad, Black Eyed Susan’s will grow when almost nothing else will. They have even been known to be one of the 1st things to grow in burned out plats.

black eyes susan fading in fall

This bloom is hanging on as long as she can. Glad a few of them waited until I got up there to take pictures.

3 black eyed susans in 3 stages of bloom

This trio of flowers has seen better days. Gosh, I forgot how depressing Fall was.

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