Apr 292012

Here are pictures of Mammillaria spinosissima f. un pico with bright pink blooms.

This cactus is very cool since it has a single white spine coming from each areola, whereas most cactus have multiple thorns. It also has very bright pink or magenta flowers. I say they are pink, but I am not going to argue colors. As you can see in my plant pictures, the flowers are really shiny as if they have been polished.

Blooming Mammillaria Spinosissima Un Pico

I hope you can tell by the picture that each thorn is pretty fine. Take note of the hook on the end because that is what makes pulling them out hurt.

Pink flowers on Mammillaria Spinosissima Un Pico

These pink flowers really stand out from the darker green cactus.

Single pink flower Mammillaria Spinosissima Un Pico

If you buy this cactus in a store that does not pay attention to names, it may be labeled as a Red Headed Irishman. I don’t believe it is, yet it is related. A Red Headed Irishman is a Mammillaria spinosissima, but has multiple thorns coming from each areole and the spines are redish.

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