Sep 112012

Here are my plant pictures of bunny ear cactus.

I know when you hear the words “bunny ears” you are thinking of something super soft and cuddly. Well, while you are more than welcome to cuddle up to these cacti, it is not advised. They do have soft spines. Problem is those soft spines are teeny tiny and a royal pain in the butt to get out of your skin.

There are 2 types of “bunny ears”, one has white glochids (little clusters of pokies) and is a Opuntia Microdasys. If the cactus has red or brownish glochids then it would be an Opuntia Rufida.

Bunny Ears Cactus

If you plan on replanting, trimming, or moving your bunny ears giving the plant a hefty spray down can help get some of the needles to fall before you get to close.

These cacti come from Northern Mexico and need well drained soil. They also do well in direct sunlight. They produce beautiful yellow flowers and do have editable fruit.

Bunny Ear Cacti

I do NOT recommend these for house plants. The nasty barbs will easily brush off and have even been known to blow into people’s eyes. I say they are great outside and away from where family and pets may accidentally touch them.

These pictures were taken out at Ethel M’s Cactus Garden and Chocolate Factory in Henderson, Nevada.

If you would like to use my plant pictures please see the Picture Use Terms Page.

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