Nov 062013

These pictures prove that chipmunks are good little farmers that know how to grow their own food. This sunflower was “planted” by our little furry friends. I had a Bougainvillea growing in this pot, but it didn’t come back this spring so the pot sat empty. That was until we saw something spring up from the dirt…a sunflower!

Sunflower bloom in November close up

I have several peanut plants that the chipmunks have planted, but they tend to eat the sunflowers as soon as they pop up. For some reason they let this one grow.

Yes, I had to water the sunflower as the chipmunks can’t get the hose over there or turn the faucet on (well, they can’t as far as I know).

Sunflower bloom in November

I think this sunflower looks pretty bright and happy considering it is November.

Can’t wait to see how many of them pop up next spring. LOL

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