Apr 112014

Flowers in Death Valley, yes they have flowers in the driest, hottest and lowest place in the USA!

In these pictures we have the…

White Flower is a Desert Chicory (Rafinesqia neomexicana).

The small purple flowers are Broad-flowered gilia (Gilia cana ssp. Triceps).

Desert Chicory Death Valley 3

These were at about the 3,000 foot level and seemed pretty happy the day we were there. There has been drought this year, but there were still some flowers blooming. The small purple ones were all over.

Desert Chicory in Death Valley 1

Each year the rain level determines how many flowers there are in Death Valley. Some years they have had masses just filling the fields. Maybe next time I go they will have gotten lots of rain and I can get even more pictures. ;-}

These pictures were taken on April 7, 2014

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