Jan 192014

The sunflower the chipmunk’s planted is finally ready. The seeds are loose and ready to be eaten.

While the flower didn’t get as big as I had hoped, I am sure there are enough seeds to get a little meal and some more plants. The chipmunks tend to bury things and then forget where they are, so if they get water…we get plants.

Dried Sunflower Head 1

Here is the dried head full of seed next to the rabbit food and that is where the chipmunks are. They live under the shed. Well, at least a few do, we have them run over from everywhere when they hear the peanut jar and see us outside.

Sunflower Head Close Up 1

This is up close to the seed and I thought it looked really cool, so I posted it. Seriously, how exciting is a picture of a dead flower?


Oooh, maybe I should get a tiny dinner bell and teach them to come when I ring it.


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