Oct 302012

While traveling through Yakima, Washington we stopped at a roadside fruit stand. Brad went off to pick out cases of apples, pears, and peaches while I looked around at all the other stuff. Right by the front they had one pumpkin that caught my eye. It looked like it had some kind of odd disease and should be put to sleep before it infected the other healthy pumpkins.

The man that owned the fruit stand, told me they intentionally grew these freaky pumpkins know as warty pumpkins. Yes, I had my camera and got a picture of this goiter covered fruit.

A pumpkin covered in warts

If one of those had grown in our pumpkin patch back home, it would have been dug up and burned before it spread. LOL!

I did find out that it took 10 generations to get these warts to grow all over the pumpkin. Yes kids, inbreeding causes massive warts.

Ok, I shouldn’t laugh because these pumpkins are all the rage this Halloween. Wish I had a few truckloads of them to sell. Or knowing me, I would want to see what kind of witch jack-o-lantern I could make and would have none to sell. But, I would have a porch ready for Halloween.

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