May 232014

My Goji is still growing and going crazy.

This picture of my Goji Berry plant was taken a couple of days ago and she has grown since then. She is one that I think you could actually watch grow.

Getting her picture is harder now that she has almost outgrown the background that I use. In fact when I measured her today, she was 34.5” tall and had side limbs that are 21.5”.

potted goji berry plant

We have had a few Goji blooms, but it seems growing big is the plants main interest right now. I am looking at possibly pruning her, but not sure where I would prune. I kind of like the “wild goji berry” look.

purple goji berry flower

For Mother’s Day we sent my mother in law a Goji from the same Ebay seller as I got mine. She said yesterday that the plant had lost many of its original leaves, but had new buds popping out.

So, this is my Goji gone wild update. I am thinking she will be a shade tree here before long.

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