May 062014

As many of you know, I got a Goji Berry Plant from Ebay. I know what some of you may be thinking, that ordering plants from Ebay is crazy and I thought so to until I got this one.

If you haven’t seen the 1st post where I show this plant right as I unpack it, check out Goji Berry Plant on Ebay, You will see how healthy is was and exactly as described on the Ebay listing.

Now I wanted to update how this plant is doing, so I took pictures of her at 2 weeks after planting her. Yes, she is in a huge pot on the deck that is covered with sunscreen netting. While a Goji Berry may be able to take full sun in some areas, I live in the desert where we will have not only sun, but also extreme heat and many plants will burn here that never burn other places. What you see behind her (the white or black) is just a light reflector that I placed there to take the picture. It is not normally there.

So here is the Goji Plant at 2 weeks…

Potted Goji Berry plant at 2 weeks growth

I then took a picture at 4 weeks and as you can see, she is really starting to grow. (This picture taken April 25, just late posting it here). Since taking this picture, she is even bigger and has 3 blooms.

Goji 1 month

Keep in mind that when I got the plant, I trimmed back many of her leaves and even the ones I left on seemed limp after a few days of planting, but I just waited an she popped right out of it once she got settled.

The Goji Berry Plants are very hardy and seem to do well in many areas, so if you want to get one and give it a go, I suggest you do. In fact, we just ordered one for my mother in law who lives in the northwest. We ordered it from the same Ebay seller (Happy-Trader ) as I do NOT want to be the daughter in law that sends a crappie plant for Mother’s Day. I wanted to make sure she got a nice healthy plant that she can enjoy for a long time.

Here is to hoping that you are into Spring and got your gardening on!

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