Mar 242014

Here are pictures of the Goji Berry Plant I bought on Ebay. I was a bit leery of ordering since many Amazon and Ebay sellers had bad reviews. I kept looking until I found one with great reviews and now I know why….My Goji plant is beautiful!

Goji Berry Bare Root 1

It was packaged in a sturdy box that was just the perfect size for the plant. The roots were wrapped in layered damp newspaper and the entire plant was then in a plastic bag.

There were simple to follow instructions for taking care of my new family member. It also talks about how the leaves may wilt and not to worry.

Goji Berry Roots

As you can see the plant has a GREAT roots! The plant itself has lots of leaves and even a few flower buds, yes those all got cut back, but it shows how healthy the plant is.

I ordered my plant on a Friday late afternoon and it came in the mail on Monday!

So, if you are looking to buy your own Goji Berry, checkout Ebay User Happy Trader! They also have a few other types of plants and things!

Here is to all of us having a Goji Berry forest of our own. ;-}

Happy Planting!!!

I have no connection with this Ebay user, I just wanted to share where I got a plant that I was very happy with!

If you would like to use my plant pictures please see the Picture Use Terms Page.

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