Feb 102014

Ok, I have searched online to properly ID this cactus and the best I could come up with I these pictures are of my Mammillaria elongate hybrid known as a Pink Nymph. A real Mammillaria elongate has yellow flowers (I have one of those also).

The Mammillaria elongate is commonly known as Lady Fingers and let me just say that these cactus are not very lady like if you don’t handle with care. ;-}

Mammillaria Elongate with cluster of Pink Flowers

So it is February 10th and we have flowers popping out on this cactus.

Single Mammillaria Elongate Pink Flower

In case you were wondering, this cactus is named Bobette.  Her brother that has yellow flowers is named Bob. LOL!

We hope our pictures of little cactus flowers brighten your day!

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