Jul 142012

Here are my pictures of an Octopus Agave that was at the Ethel M’s Cactus Garden in Henderson, Nevada.

If you have a spot that needs a very unique plant, then the Octopus Agave may be just what you are looking for. This agave can grow to be 4 feet tall and will have “tentacles” that can spread to 6 feet. You will need a good sized space for this succulent, but it doesn’t take much care.

Octopus Agave Desert Scene

While the twisted arms of the Agave Vilmoriniana make the plant very interesting, the flower it puts off is the highlight of its life. Yes, it only flowers once and that is right before it dies (oh but what a way to go out). When the time comes, the Octopus Agave will send up a spike that can be up to 15 feet tall and is covered with yellow blooms. It is definitely a sight.

Have no fear if your mother plant blooms at only a few years old, the spike she put out is covered with baby plants (bulbils). You can gather them and have yourself enough new plants to share with friends and other plant lovers.

Octopus Agave Single Plant

Like other agaves, these plants don’t need much water, but will suck up any it can find. The more water it gets (unless you drown it) the faster it grows and flowers.

For those of you that have read that the octopus agave is a safe plant and can be put in high traffic areas…I would watch doing that. Even though they are not as dangerous as some, they are considered spineless, yet have a way of catching things that get to close.

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