Sep 182012

Oh yum, we have olives ripening on our 2 trees. To bad olives gag me. I don’t like them at all. I don’t even like the trees. While the trees make a great home and hiding spot for the birds, the pollen kills me every year.

We don’t have many olives this year since I did double duty trying my best to knock off any buds before they bloomed. How bad is the pollen?

Many schools here have pulled out all their olive trees and so have city parks…to many kids were having problems with allergies. I would love to pull up the ones in our yard, but we only have 3 trees and 2 of them are olives. The birds would be homeless in our yard if I got rid of them.

In this picture, you can see the different stages of ripening.

 olives on a tree

Oh just look at that single olive wishing it could be on someone’s pizza.

 single olive hanging on tree

Odd thing is, the birds, rabbits nor chipmunks will eat the nasty things.

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