Oct 262014

These pictures were taken in mid October. Yes, now that it has cooled off a little, the wildflowers are blooming again and a few butterflies have been out fluttering.

Open Orange wildflower with small butterfly 550

Ok, this may be some type of moth, I am no insect expert. All I know is it was very cute and friendly. It just fluttered around from flower to flower as I stood on the picnic table trying to get a good picture. Glad I didn’t fall off; the neighbors would have had a good laugh.

Orange wildflower with small butterfly 550

As far as the flower, it was in a packet of wildflower seed that I just tossed in a barrel planter and hoped something would grow. We have had a variety of flowers from it. I let some go to seed and then toss them around the cactus in the yard. Maybe they will grow next year and they will look better than the grass that I can’t keep out.

Anyway, I hope you like my bright orange and yellow flower with its tiny butterfly!

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