Jun 082012

These are the best 2 pictures I have of single blooms from my Persian Buttercup.

The Persian Buttercups scientific name is Ranunculus Asiaticus. The ASPCA list a Buttercup (Ranunculus) as toxic to animals, although the picture they show does not look like my flowers. I just thought I would let you know, just in case, and you can check into that farther before you plant it where you may have pets.

Orange persian buttercup

This orange flower is one that I just love. I took the picture while the pot was in the watering tub and didn’t even notice that the entire background was black.

 yellow persian buttercup flower

This yellow flower was taken in a much sunnier spot and it brings out the foliage and the slight bit of orange on the edge of the petals.

You can also see my Yellow and Red Persian Buttercups


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