May 022012

These are pictures of Coolibah Trees (Eucalyptus microtheca) that we saw while visiting Ethel M’s Cactus Garden in Southern Nevada.

The Coolibah tree is native to Australia, grows up to about 30 feet, has long slender leaves that are 4-8 inches long and comes with a smooth or rough bark.

Coolbah Trees with Light bark

As you can see in this plant picture, these particular trees have the smooth “white” bark. The bark looks as though it has a bad paint job but, the light coloring helps it stand out in the crowd.

Coolibah Tree at Ethel M's

The Cooibah tree does flower although we didn’t visit at the right time to see them. The trees also smell kind of like menthol rather than normal Eucalyptus. They are also very wind and drought tolerant which would be great for hot dry places like Southern Nevada.

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