Apr 292012

Pictures of white Rhododendron flowers may not be super exciting for those of us that have these shrubs in our yards, but for someone that has never seen them they might be cool. Or if you are a plant lover like me, all plant pictures are neat.

Rhododendrons flowers come in a variety of colors, red, pink, purple, white yellow and various shades of each.

Single white Rhododendron flower

The picture of these white Rhododendron flowers may look like they would be harmless plants, but they can be toxic to grazing animals. Many people also say to keep your dogs away from them because they may irritate their eyes. Our dogs are around them and never had problems, so take it as you will.

2 white Rhododendron flowers

When I lived near Port Towsend, WA, I was so excited one year to go to their Annual Rhododendron Festival. At that time, I really didn’t know what they were. Now that I live in southern Nevada, I see them everywhere. These plants are very easy to care for and don’t need mush water (we never water ours). You may need to trim them back a little to keep them from getting to wild.


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