Apr 252012

Here are pictures of my Red Grapefruit Tree that we bought last year at Star Nursery. I was hoping that we would get fruit last year, but no luck. She tried but only one fruit got about golf ball size and then fell off. I was very sad and hope things go better this year. She looks a little rough in this picture as she stayed outside all winter and then we had a HUGE wind storm that took many of her leaves. As you can see in the pictures, she is blooming! YEAH!

potted red grapefruit tree

Yes, that is a small paintbrush in the pot. I use it to pollinate the flowers. We haven’t had very many bees around so, I want to make sure we have a chance at some fruit.

Red Grapefruit Bloom

I really wish I could attach the smell of these flowers to the picture. They smell so sweet they are almost addicting to just stand and sniff. Maybe in a few years we will smell-o-pictures online!

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