Apr 252012

This picture is a close up of blooms on what I think is a Thelocactus macdowelii cactus. I would love to tell you for sure if that is its scientific name. Guess its name really doesn’t matter once you see these silky pink flowers that tower over the clusters of long white thorns.

Each petal of the flower is almost see through and really does feel like silk. The bees love these blooms and it is a shame that they don’t last longer. As with many cactus flowers, they close up at night and reopen in the daylight.

Silky Pink Cactus Blooms

I just love how detailed each bloom is. I hope these pictures show you just how amazing some prickly plants are.

Silky Pink Cactus Flower Cluster

The flowers stigmas remind me of some type of sea anemone just waiting to grab something as it floats by.

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