Jul 122012

These 2 pictures of the Silver Cassia are not real detailed. I think I have more and will see if I can find them.

The Silver Cassia is a true desert hardy perennial. The leaves are very narrow so they can conserve water.

If you need the “official” name of this plant it is, Senna artemisioides. Yeah, like I would ever remember that or be able to spell it on my own.

Supposedly this plant was named after Artemis who was a Greek Goddess. Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was the Goddess of the wilderness and watched over animals (among other things, like fertility, depending on what you read). Her statue was cast in silver and the leaves of this plant are a grayish silver.

Cassia means legumes and you will notice what looks like very flat pea pods on the shrub.

While in these pictures there are not many flowers, at peak blooming you will see the shrub looks totally yellow as the clusters cover the limbs.


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