Dec 022012

The pictures of these pink petunias were taken in my neighbors’ yard. Yes, he grows flowers and I don’t, therefore I just go over and take pictures. I’m pretty sure that he grows them so I can take pictures of them. What other reason could there be? 😉

These petunias are grown in pots. As you may notice one flower is growing in a hanging pot with a dry loss lining. Trust me when I say that to keep a hanging pot (plant) alive with the dry heat we get here, is a huge accomplishment. Hanging baskets dry out so fast.

single pink petunia with dark veins

This one is a lovely bright pink with dark veins. Guess it is almost a purplish.

bright pink petunia flower

Ah, see the curly shadow from the dried moss liner and the post it hangs on. Geesh, I should have paid a bit more attention. Oh well, it adds personality to this pink flower.

There ya go, a bit of brightness for your day!

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