Mar 232014

This is a picture of an orange Nasturtium flower that was taken in Western Washington. Its botanical name is Tropaeolum majus.

Apparently the leaves and the flowers are edible. The name Nasturtium is supposed to mean nose twist as that is what face people make when they eat the plant. Most things I read said they are spicy or peppery.

Single Orange Nasturtium Flower

Let me just say that I did not try eating the plant. I didn’t know I could until I looked it up online. Even if I had known, doubt I would have just started dining on it.

These plants can have yellow, red or orange flowers. Their leaves kind of look like lily pads and they are a vine. They are pretty easy to grow and can even tolerate crappy soil. In warm areas they can grow super-fast and you have to really keep them under control or they are weed like in spreading.

So there ya have it…a pretty edible plant that is easy to grow.

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